Condo documents

Master Deed

NOTE: Four amendments were approved at the 2013 Annual Meeting. They are not posted here yet, but can be read on the Annual Meeting Page.

Master Deed 

Conservation Restriction, 1986

Master Deed, first amendment, 1987 

Master Deed, second amendment, 1987 

Master Deed, third amendment, 1987

Master Deed, fourth amendment 1988

Master Deed, fifth amendment 1989

Master Deed, sixth amendment 1989

Confirmatory Conservation Restriction, 1990

Master Deed, seventh amendment 1991

Master Deed, eighth amendment 1993

Master Deed, ninth amendment 1999 (also in Dec of Trust as an amendment)

Master Deed, tenth amendment 2001

Master Deed, confirmatory certificate 2002

Master Deed, eleventh amendment 2003

Master Deed, twelfth amendment 2003

Master Deed, thirteenth amendment 2003

Master Deed, fourteenth amendment 2003

Master Deed, fifteenth amendment 2004

Master Deed, sixteenth amendment 2012

Master Deed, seventeenth amendment 2013

Declaration of Trust

Declaration of Trust

Rules and Regulations, 1989

Declaration of Trust, 1989, first amendment

Certificate as to Rules and Regulations, 1993

Declaration of Trust, 1993, second amendment

Declaration of Trust, 1993, second amendment certificate

Declaration of Trust, 1999, Revival of Rights to Construct Additional Units

Declaration of Trust, 2001, Satellite Dishes and Antenna Regulations

Declaration of Trust, 2006, Anti-litigation Resolution

Declaration of Trust, 2008, Bylaws

Declaration of Trust, 2008, Bylaws Certificate of Vote and Resolution of the Board of Trustees

Declaration of Trust, 2010, Deck Maintenance Resolution

Declaration of Trust, 2010, eighth amendment

Declaration of Trust, 2012 amendment, overdue payment fees

Declaration of Trust, 2012, ninth amendment. This is included in the same document as the Master Deed, sixteenth amendment, repeated here.

Declaration of Trust, 2013, tenth amendment. This is included in the same document as the Master Deed, seventeenth amendment, repeated here.

Certificate of Compliance (Environmental Protection), 2012