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Light Up Your Life!

bulbNow is a great time to switch to LED lightbulbs. At a nearby Batteries Plus Bulbs store, 60-watt LEDs were selling 2 for $1.00. It was a special offer, but the prices for LED have continued to drop. They are affordable, dimmable, economical, and bright!


Get ready fmasssave_logoor winter! Take Mass Save’s Online Home Energy Assessment and create your home energy profile. You’ll get an estimate of potential energy savings and cost-effective upgrade advice. Just enter your zip code and your home’s primary heating fuel source to get started. Click here to link to the survey.

movieShowcase Cinema Woburn Senior Discounts

 At Showcase Cinema Woburn, in addition to regular discounts on tickets for seniors 60 or older, on Senior Wednesdays discounted admission is $6.50.

A popcorn and soda for only $3.50!

Click here for the map of the Showcase Cinema Woburn location.

Gardening discountMcCue

On Mondays, McCue Garden Center, just down the hill and next to the 99 Restaurant, offers a 15% discount for seniors.

Cheaper gas

Most inexpensive gas station near Quail Run? The Al Prime gas stations in Burlington and Woburn always have the lowest prices for gas—sometimes 20¢ lower that than closer stations. Both Al Prime stations are less than 2 miles away, so drive a little, save a lot!

Lower your water bill!

A low flow showerhead costs as little as $5, is easy to install (really!), and reduces water used from 25% to 60%. The model on the left is solid brass and costs only $3.80. The one one the right has more features and costs around $35. There are hand-held models as well.


Nest Thermostats

Some Quail Runners already know about money-saving features of programmable thermostats. One of the newest products is the Nest Thermostat, invented by the same team that worked on the iPhone.

As soon as yonestu install it, (and it’s easy to do), a Nest starts learning what settings you prefer, and you can also change the schedule easily. It automatically turns itself down when no one is home. You can connect to the Nest via your phone or computer to change your setting and have a warm (or cool) house waiting for you. Research shows Nesters can save 10 to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. In under two years, it can pay for itself.


Avoid disastrous water damage

stainless washing machine hoseStainless-steel braided washing machine hoses cost less than $20, are available at any hardware store, are easy to install, and will help to prevent a burst hose, not uncommon with rubber hoses.



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