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Report trespassing motorcyclists

trailbikeMotorcyclists are crossing through Quail Run on their way to Mary Cummings Park. They’re not just inconsiderate—they are breaking the law by trespassing on Quail Run and driving around Cummings Park, where motor vehicles are prohibited. If you see or hear them, call the Woburn police at 911 and report them. If you can catch a glimpse of a license plate, even better!

Pet rulesIf it poops, you must scoop!

Being a member of the Quail Run community entails responsibilities to the larger community. Dog owners have the legal responsibility to pick up after their pets immediately and also the keep them on leash. See section 4.8 in the Handbook for all the details regarding pets. The City of Woburn also has strict laws concerning dog ownership. Quail Run dog owners must abide by the community rules and city laws.

Toward a Better Community

To foster a better sense of community, the Board of Trustees recently issued Guidelines for Civil Discourse. You’ll find the link to them on the Handbook page. 

These guidelines also serve as a useful reminder that Quail Run is indeed a community composed of individuals who bring with them their varied experiences and backgrounds. To foster that valuable sense of community, we need to take our neighbor’s differences into account, whether we agree with them or not.


It’s easy to get confused about what to recycle—what goes into the green bins and what’s classified as trash, so here is the Woburn Guide to Recycling. It’s a PDF and you can print it out and consult it if you’re not sure what goes where. Click here to connect to the City of Woburn recycling program. 

Have some information you want to share with the Quail Run Community? Fill out the form on the Tell Us About It! page.